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W.S. Tyler Cleaning Method

A Test Sieve is a precision scientific instrument.
  • Care should be taken when handling a Test Sieve to avoid damage to the
    frame and the sometimes delicate and sensitive Test Sieve mesh.
  • Test Sieves should be cleaned after each use.
  • Test Sieves should be stored in a clean, dry, and controlled environment.
  • Test Sieves should be inspected regularly for mesh damage.
For proper cleaning, a soft bristle brush should be used.
  • Turn the Test Sieve over a receiving pan and gently brush the underside of the mesh, using a circular motion. DO NOT apply excessive pressure.
  • Gently tap the Test Sieve frame with the brush handle to remove any particles that may cling to the frame.
Sieves may be washed in a warm water, synthetic detergent solution.
  • The Test Sieve must be dried before the next use.
  • An oven may be used in the drying process, with temperature not to exceed 190ºF.
  • An ultrasonic bath may also be used to clean Test Sieves (review cleaning unit instructions prior to use).


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  • Marketing and Sales assistance:
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