High performance oil filtration - even after 100,000 miles of use.

  • Reusable; Eliminating EPA Concern 
  • Cleanable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective 
  • Reliable for the life of the vehicle




W.S. Tyler, along with parent company Haver & Boecker, are leading manufacturers of woven wire filter-cloth. We are masters in researching, designing and engineering mesh to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the industries they serve. 


W.S. Tyler’s woven wire cloth is the perfect filter media for transmission fluids applications. The metal cloth has a geometric structure with pore size and flow rates that are precisely definable.  This results in uniform, predictable, and durable filter capabilities.


Transmission suction filters fabricated by W.S. Tyler have a high dirt-holding capacity and are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The material is pleated resulting in a large filtration surface area and filter elements which require an over molded plastic support structure. These can also be produced in-house with special heat-resistant plastics. 


To meet the filter’s technical cleanliness requirements, transmission oil filters are cleaned under air pressure to fully inspect and monitor mass produced products. Extensive research and production experience with these applications has allowed W.S. Tyler to master the production of high quality filtration products for the automotive industry.


About W.S. Tyler

We believe in a relentless focus on innovation while remaining true to our roots. The heritage of the Tyler name is important to us, and everything we do is built on honoring who we’ve always been – the producers of the highest quality filters and tools our customers can find. 

Our customers appreciate our down-to-earth approach and the determination we show in every interaction. We’re growing and evolving every day – for our customers and ourselves. At W.S. Tyler, we know the smallest details make the biggest difference.